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The Scottish Astronaut

By William Gallie
Year 5, Le Rondin School

Once upon a time there was an astronaut called James. He lived in an old wrecked house. He was sick and tired of his old manky house. He decided to climb a mountain to get some fresh air. As soon as he got half way up the mountain, a wild wolf started following him. As they climbed further up the mountain together, the astronaut and the wolf became friends. Finally they reached the top of the mountain. The astronaut felt really free for the first time. He could see the town and the streets below him and it felt strange because he thought that he might fall off the mountain.

Suddenly the astronaut saw a shadow moving above him and heard deep breathing. He looked up and saw a fierce fire breathing dragon! For a moment the dragon circled him and the astronaut was confused. Why didn’t the dragon attack him? Just then the dragon flew down and landed next to the astronaut.

The dragon said, “I can make you feel freer than ever! Get on my back!” So the astronaut clambered aboard the dragon and so did the friendly wolf.

They flew across many huge mountains, oak forests, deep oceans and wide rivers. The astronaut felt the wind on his face and was happy. Then they landed on the ground. They built a lovely house that was cosy, warm and calm. The astronaut, the friendly wolf and the dragon all lived happily ever after.

Listen to the story read by Andy Hislop

Guernsey Literary Festival · The Scottish Astronaut

Judge’s comments - Huw Lewis-Jones

Nice idea, made me chuckle. Good that the astronaut was able to escape his house and find friendship and freedom on the mountain. Living with a dragon and a wolf come the end - must be a cosy house indeed! Well done.
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