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Second prize

Sid's Island

By Ruben Nigbur
Year 3, Sark School

Sid had been sailing his boat when all of a sudden he crashed into a rock. It made a loud bang! This made a big hole in the bottom of his boat and water started to rush in. He said, ‘AAAAARGH - Water. I’m going to sink!”

Luckily he saw a desert island that he could swim to. He quickly packed all of his stuff into a suitcase and swam with it to the island. He was very tired after swimming for such a long time.

To his surprise, Sid saw two people sitting on a rock trying to make a campfire. He ran up to them and said, “I can make a campfire!” Around him was lots of wood but he didn’t have his lighter or matches so he had to give up.

After this, the other two people went to have a sleep. They lay down on some leaves. Sid said, “I can make a bed for us all!” He looked around him and there was plenty of wood but he didn’t have any tools with him, so he gave up.

After they finished their sleep, the other people went to the beach to catch fish with their hands. Sid said, “I can make a fishing rod for you!” He looked around him and there was plenty of wood but he didn’t have any hooks or string, so he gave up.

Sid had had enough of all this. He wanted to get away from this island. Then he had an idea. He said, “I have lots of wood. All I need is some grass and some vines from the trees to tie it together. Then we will have a raft!”

He worked hard with his new friends to make a raft and they floated away to freedom!

Listen to the story read by Andy Riley

Guernsey Literary Festival · Sid’s Island

Judge’s comments - Andy Riley

In just 299 words, the author has given us a proper adventure; a shipwreck, a tale of survival on a desert island, and an escape. Best of all, it starts – quite literally – with a bang. That’s the way to do it. Start with something that hooks us in and keeps us reading.
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