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Third prize

Freedom is in the clouds

By Lily-Ella O'Brien
Year 6, Ladies College, Melrose

Dear diary: 'What is it like to feel free?' I ask myself every second of every minute of every hour, of every day. I've never known, but I have always wanted to. The tubes I'm attached to feel like chains. The place I'm in feels like prison. The doctors always said I had an overactive imagination and who knows what that means? I do feel tired a lot you see, so I have some thin blue curtains that the nurse draws around my bed. It's as if I'm under the sea. Do you know that there is a sign in my room that says "p-e-r-m-a-n-e-n-t". Like many things, I don't know what that means either. My nurse is called a specialist in cancer. I did ask her once what cancer is, but she replied: "Sweet child, you have it." I think it means the coolest kid ever. Tonight, they said I was going to the theatre for some life-changing things. I think that play sounds good. I can't wait. Hello diary: It's Amelia's Mum here. We've had some devastating news. Amelia has died in the operating theatre. When she closed her eyes, I said to her: "Good night my little brave ray of sunshine. Be free up in the sky. Let your imagination run wild. Freedom is your friend."

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Guernsey Literary Festival · Freedom is in the Clouds

Judge’s comments - Andy Riley

This story is a heart-rending exploration of the themes of death, imprisonment and liberation. There are two very well-drawn characters; Amelia, a free spirit in a sickening body - and her mum, who understands her daughter perfectly. It’s not easy to work an emotional bittersweet ending into something this short, but this writer has.
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